Natural Sausage Casings

Natural Casings

Irish Casing Company is a market leader in the production of premium natural sausage casings. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and the high quality of our products.

Our range of natural casings includes sheep, beef and hog casings. Because our sausage casings are 100% natural, you are guaranteed an aromatic and tasty casing that is tender yet firm to the bite.

So, what is it that makes our natural casings so good?

When you buy Irish Casing Company sausage casings you are guaranteed a traditionally-made, high quality product. We invest in our supply chain at every step so that we can guarantee a superior product. We only use EU approved abattoirs for our casings and our rigorous selection process means that only premium-grade casings are available to our customers.

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Natural Sheep Casing

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Natural Beef Casing

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Natural Hog Casing

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Why Natural Casings?

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