Sheep, beef and hog casings

Our sheep casings are ideal for all types of fine emulsion and coarse grid sausages such as frankfurters. Glossy, transparent and white, they look attractive and professional. We only use salt as a preservative, so there is no compromise on flavour. We can salt or spool our sheep casings, depending on your requirements.

Our beef casings include beef bung caps, beef rounds and beef middles. Available in different sizes, our beef casings can either be salted in bundles or nets and come in different calibre levels. They are ideal for bologna, black pudding and salami.

We offer a range of premium hog casings in 91m lengths. These include runners, hog bladders and hog fatends. Perfect for every type of pork sausage, from bratwurst to smoked Polish sausage, our graded casings consistently look good, making for an attractive end product.

A product for a worldwide market

We have over forty years experience in natural sausage casings and export our products across Europe, Asia and Africa. When you chose Irish Casing Company you are choosing a skilled workforce, quality raw materials and a significant production capacity.

So whether you are making fresh, smoked or dry sausages, need beef bung caps, hog chitterlings or robust sheep casings, why not download our brochure or contact us today and find out more about our range of natural sausage casings.