Irish Casing Company – 50 Years in Business

We, at Irish Casing Company, are proud to celebrate 50 years of business this month. Established by Claus Jurgen Kersting in Tullamore in 1972 to select and sell natural sausage casings, the business has evolved and progressed to also produce and sell offal and meat products across the global. 50 years has seen many changes, in all areas of life and business, but what has never changed is ICC’s commitment to produce high quality products and provide excellent customer service. We have been able to weather the ups and downs of business due to the close bonds we have cultivated with our various suppliers, the loyalty we have given and received from customers, our expertise in this field and above all, the dedication and hard work of our colleagues in the office and slaughter halls at home and abroad.


We thank you for getting us to 50 years and are excited for the new adventures which lie ahead.

icc 50