High quality products, professionally harvested

Pork Offal

Pork Offal

Our pork offal products are expertly harvested to add significant weight to the total edible end product per head, making them both economical and nutritious. All of our raw materials are fully traceable and come from premises with export approval and appropriate veterinary controls in place. Irish Casing Company believes in building long term relationships with both our suppliers and customers so that we can consistently provide superior products at a competitive price

Pork offal products

We supply both cooked and raw pigs stomachs – ideal for a range of dishes including the Dutch Hog Maw and a variety of Chinese stir fries and soups. Our pigs bladders can be stuffed with meat or other ingredients to create a moist and tasty traditional meal “en vessie” whilst our premium pork rectum and uteri can be found in a number of Asian recipes and street food dishes.

We are the preferred pork offal suppliers for customers across Europe, Asia and Africa. Our large scale operations and reliability mean that we can build long term relationships with customers – and offer the best price without compromising on quality. Why not contact us today to learn more about our premium range of pork products?