From beef tripe to tail tip

Beef offal

Beef Offal

Irish Casing Company can supply a full range of beef offal products including beef tripe, cooked mountain chain, snout, masks, ears and tail tip. Our traditional approach means that we believe in minimising waste and getting the most from the animal. This is why we harvest all four stomachs from cattle enabling us to produce high quality tripe, omasum, honeycomb and abomasum.

Products are expertly harvested and we can accommodate changes in specification to suit customer demands.

Beef offal suppliers for worldwide cuisine

Our beef products can be used in a wide range of international cuisines. Our beef tripe forms the basis of dishes such as the Italian Trippa alla Romana, African tripe stew and and can also be added to stir fries or highly flavoured dishes to create an economic yet nutrient dense meal.

Our beef feet are ideal for slow cooking and make an excellent stock or stew base. Their fatty, gelatinous texture makes them a popular source of protein in many parts of the world including Africa and Asia.

Irish Casing Company’s extensive experience and well-developed organisation structure means that we have the capacity to respond to global customer requirements without sacrificing quality.